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The Pelorus Area Health Trust (PAHT) was formed in November 2007 to promote, protect and foster primary health care in the Pelorus Area. The founding members of PAHT are: Sharyn Marie Smith, Cathryn Ann Cocker, Roslyn Frances Freeth and Alison Suzette Morriss.

The Pelorus population is disadvantaged by large travel times to any primary health care. This has been recently compounded by reduction to a part-time GP/nurse service. The latest addition to the mix is the rapid rise of fuel costs.

There is a permanent population of over 3000 people (Census 2006) in the area, nearly half of these live over 30 minutes from Havelock (and over 60 minutes from Blenheim). The holiday population is thought to double or triple that population.

The medical centre is in Havelock, the largest town (pop about 600). It is the nearest place where primary health care can be accessed. Currently, the Havelock Medical Centre is open 3 days a week to provide health care in the Pelorus area.

PAHT wants to identify local primary health needs and then to work with individuals, the community and community organisations to help provide local solutions for the area.

The Pelorus Area Health Trust is staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers who are constantly working in the Pelorus Area on the communities' behalf to improve access to primary medical care and to support local groups/communities in the development of their health and well-being within their own areas. PAHT also try to support any initiatives where possible that fall within the criteria of fostering health and well-being within the Pelorus area.

"Local solutions for local problems"

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